martes, 14 de agosto de 2012

Contemporary Times(IF:Urban)

Someday and just now, internet will help to the people, to live as old times, in small and kind towns, meanwhile, the big cities keep full of sad and stresses people.

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  1. Hi José! I wanted to drop you a note to tell you that your work is magnifico (I am guessing that's how we say it in Spanish but just a guess!), I absolutely love your style and this "Freeze" illustration is one of my favorite... the colors, the perspective, and the style is just so beautiful!! Keep at it, amazing result! Best, Isabelle

    1. Thanks so much Isabelle, you are so kind, appreciate so much your sweet comment!
      My best, Jose.

  2. This is so awesome I love you style, it works so well with the perspective and the watercolour :) looks wicked :)

  3. What a fantastic perspective! Very clever.

  4. Jose,
    Great illustration!

  5. Wow! Too cool! Just amazing how much control you have over your watercolors!

  6. Thanks my friends!! David and Cindy..make me feel so happy!! :)))